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Friday, May 19, 2017
12:00 AM - 11:59 PM
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Joe Barber
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Moving Out?  Before You Toss Those Items, Donate Them to Dump and Run

As you move off campus for the summer, please donate your unwanted belongings, in clean, working condition to Dump & Run, Trinity's end-of-year dorm salvage project. In addition to keeping usable consumer goods, clothes, and books out of the waste stream, all donations will be used to stock The Coop (Trinity's on-campus thrift store) or donated to a local charities.

A list of dorm-specific drop-off locations are below:

South Campus
* Funston - First floor, laundry room
* Wheaton - First floor, lobby
* Smith - Jackson basement, laundry room
* Jackson - Jackson basement, laundry room 
* Elton - Basement, laundry room
* Jones - Basement, laundry room

Vernon Street
* Hansen - Basement, laundry room
* Vernon Place - First floor, laundry room
* High Rise - First floor, common room
* Doonesbury – First floor, common room
* Boardwalk - First floor, front hallway (accessed via Allen Place)
* Park Place - First floor, front hallway (accessed via Allen Place)
* North Campus - First floor, vending machine room

Long Walk
* Goodwin-Woodward - Basement, laundry room
* Cook - Basement, laundry room
* Jarvis A, B, C, Towers - Basement, student recreation room 002
* Jarvis D, E, F - Basement, student recreation room
* Northam Towers - Basement, lounge 

Crescent Street
* Stowe - Basement, bottom of stairs
* Clemens - Basement, laundry room
* Townhouses – 69 Crescent Street

Summit Dorms
* Summit North - First floor, laundry room
* Summit South - First floor, laundry room
* Summit East - First floor, foyer and common room

You can leave items in these locations from now until Monday, May 22nd. Also, when dropping off items, please take care to respect the communal spaces our custodial staff work so hard to maintain.  This is an area for donations, not trash.  If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Joe Barber at jbarber@trincoll.edu.

Thanks in advance for your participation and cooperation! 

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