Tuesday Common Hour and Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL): Our Expectations for Learning Inside and Outside of the Classroom

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
12:15 PM - 1:20 PM
Hallden Hall - North Wing Dangremond Family Commons 104
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Center for Teaching and Learning

In response to federal guidelines, the College has articulated  the number of hours that students should be spending on  their work, for each course, in and outside of the classroom.  One of the hallmarks of good teaching is developing and  communicating clear expectations, so faculty are deeply versed in the practice of setting these expectations. When we design  our syllabi, we give attention to the structure of student learning in our courses, but we also maintain space for creativity and  exploration during the semester. This panel will reflect on the  nature of developing and communicating learning expectations while discussing the importance of maintaining an awareness  of how multiple priorities structure students’ lives. 

Panelists will be Laura Holt, associate professor of psychology; Dario del Puppo, professor of language and culture studies; and Chuck Powell, director of academic assessment.


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